With an extensive background in teaching from primary through to tertiary levels, Full Motion Music & Sound offers engaging, entertaining and meticulously crafted compositions across a range of instruments and ensemble types. Also available are method books and theory workbooks covering jazz improvisation, pedagogical concepts and teaching resources. Below is a selection of these works.

AMEB Percussion Syllabus Works 

These pieces were originally composed for tertiary percussion students at the Qld Conservatorium of Music and were then requested to be included in the AMEB Percussion Examination Syllabus.

Etude for Andre - Grade 7 - Four Mallets

Itty Bitty Ditty - Grade 8 - Four Mallets

Etude for Andre_Page_1.jpg
Etude for Andre - Solo Vibraphone
00:00 / 02:12
Itty Bitty Ditty 2021 Version - Vibraphone & Piano Accompaniment - Full Score_Page_2.jpg
Itty Bitty Ditty - Vibraphone & Piano
00:00 / 02:28
Chamber Ensemble - Violin, Bassoon, Guitar & Piano
00:00 / 04:18