Full Motion Music & Sound is a production house for music and sound for screen (including advertising, media and interactive technologies), traditional notated music for live performance (arranging and transcription also available) and education (theory workbooks, graded instrumental and secondary/tertiary recital works).

David spearheads Full Motion Music & Sound with his background as a multi-instrumental performer (Lion King Musical, Diana Krall, Neil Finn, Jerry Lewis) and completing a Masters in Music Composition (Sydney Conservatorium of Music) and studying at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. His breadth of experience across a wide range of of genres from orchestral music (Qld Symphony Orchestra), jazz (Vibraphone, Drums and Keys) and rock/pop (Drums, Hand Percussion & Keys) affords David a versatility in creating authentic compositions and productions with the signature sounds and crucial components of many musical styles.

As an experimental musician and percussionist, David has been employed for many recording sessions and productions to provide expert performances and consultancy for sound design, foley and unique atmospherics for companies such as Game Audio Australia, Disney Australia, Room 40 Records, Ozfrank Theatre and Graphic Festival at the Sydney Opera House.  He has a natural affinity with coaxing the desired sounds from instruments, found objects and the natural elements. He has custom foley pits installed in his personal studio and easy access to rainforest, beach and city environments for authentic location recording. 

His work in tertiary and secondary education as a lecturer (Qld Conservatorium, Qld Uni of Technology), ensemble director and classroom teacher also provide a fully informed and real world tested benchmarks for the education offerings of Full Motion Music & Sound.


David is selected as a full writer member of the Australian Performing Rights Association as a faithful endorsement of his composition work.

David Kemp

Founder & Director