Sympatico is a collaboration between two musician friends Clint Allen (Trumpet & Piano) and Dave Kemp (Percussion). Together they explore new innovative contemporary art music and often have musical comrades join them during performances and recordings.

Individually they have received such accolades as a Churchill Fellow Award, an Arts Qld Professional Development Award and as Sympatico, performance funding from the New Music Network.

They have commissioned works from Australian composers such as Thomas Green, Andrew Garton and Glen Brearly. They also specialise in presenting works by Jacob Ter Velduis, Dafnis Prieto and Frank Zappa.


In 2022, they plan to present the Lyric Suite by Chick Corea in concert. 


Below is a list of current repertoire, but we are adding to this with our own discoveries and commissioned works.

Trail of Memories by Dafnis Prieto  


Reminiscences of Laura by Daniel Hamburger 


The News by Jacob Ter Velduis 


           Sympatico Suite by Thomas Green             


Alien Orifice and The Black Page by Frank Zappa


Lyric Suite by Chick Corea


   Before His Time by David Kemp